1 Night local camping

1 Night out in Austwick

These past few weeks have been a little quiet with the traveling aspect, but we desperately wanted to head out somewhere. So us being us (me and Mrs Marsden) we decided we wanted a tent for our anniversary gift so that we could do more cheap travelling in the near future .... turns out the near future actually meant that weekend! (it was Friday). We headed out to the local camping store and bought ourselves some kit like the OEX Coyote III tent and a few other little bits. I have to say that the quality of Coyote is amazing and being an engineer by trade I notice the attention to details very closely. Once it is up the Coyote's stability is awesome and the design looks super slick, but the best thing is it only took us a little longer than the time it said on the instructions so thats a winner right there !

The next thing was finding somewhere that we could pitch up ! 

We decided to stay local as it was the first venture out and we were very short on time, luckily a place that is only 40 mins away from the house managed to fit us in with the last pitch they had. Silloth House Camping is a little place in the town of Austwick with plenty of short journeys to places like the three peaks and into the Pennine's and I would recommend a stay there if you are about in the area for sure.

There will be a lot more journeys in the near future that I will be blogging on so keep your eyes peeled

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