The 1st anniversary weekend // Lake District



Our first wedding anniversary 17.6.18


No tenting this weekend, this weekend was for luxury for the lady ! .... well as luxurious as climbing a mountain can get I suppose, but thats what she wanted to do (I knew there was a reason I married her).

3pm Friday afternoon i clocked off work and was out of the door on the dot. Me being me, I still had things to pack even though I knew about this trip for the past 3 weeks, so that meant that I had to rush home and grab the necessities like beard oil and camera gear. Packed up and ready to go we hit the road up to the lakes  before the proper rush hour traffic started as I hate driving in normal conditions .... its not me its everyone else ;) . 


Pretty much a nice clear run up to our air B and B in Windermere, meant that we had a nice bit of time before tea to have a wander down to Lake Windermere before heading back to the cosy little abode.




I managed to catch this little banger on the iPhone since I didn't take my camera on the walk.....

I managed to catch this little banger on the iPhone since I didn't take my camera on the walk.....


Attempt 1 at Helvellyn

Saturday ..... oh Saturday! We woke up and looked out of the window and it was pissing it down with rain. It looked super moody and lighting looked amazing but that wet stuff gets everywhere.

We decided to brave it and head out towards Helvellyn but first .... A quick stop off at Keswick to grab H (The wife) a waterproof to keep her dry as we were certainly going to get pissed on by the heavens above. We pulled into the car park at Thirlmere and headed up the track to the summit.

We only managed 1/3 of the way !


Given that we were soaked to the bone, the only thing to do was to go back to the house and dry off, get changed and head out for some drinks and a decent meal to celebrate our first year as Mr and Mrs .... so thats what we did !

Drinks went down rather well .....

Drinks went down rather well .....


Helvellyn Attempt 2

Sunday, the lights still good but there isn't any rain .... prefect!

Like deja vu, we packed the slightly damp bags and belongings in the car and headed up on the same journey from Windermere to Thirlmere to the same carpark as yesterday. The weather wasn't perfect but it was way more forgiving than it had been on the Saturday (just less wet and windy). We headed up the same trail and finally made it to the summit of the mountain where the views were amazing ! Once at the top we were battered with a crazy wind and fog that was rolling in and out constantly which brought some moisture with it. 

We made the decision to go down to the tarn via Striding edge and then come back up the Swirls side. YES! I actually got my wife to live on the edge and climb some rock faces over striding edge, just before the weather decided to take another god awful change. Heavy mist, rain and the constant wind give us an indication that we must start heading back home. 

We supped our cans of alcohol that we used to toast our first year and hammered on back up and over the mountain. 




Well what other way to celebrate such a awesome year ?

Drinks, Hiking, more drinks, Views, getting lost and gorgeous food .....

I wouldn't have changed a thing ... well maybe the weather but hey you cant control that ! Anyways below are a few snaps of the climb up the mountain so I hope you enjoy them.

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Thats all from me for now 

Speak soon


(Photos Below)


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