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An ex racer who traded a bike for a camera…

First of all, thanks for coming along to check out my work!

Well long story short I'm Adam (25), a lad with a massive passion for the art of photography, based in Skipton UK North Yorkshire. As you can see from the title above i was a racer in my previous years growing up from the age 5 to 23 with a few years on and off. In those years i spent swinging my leg over a motocross bike every weekend to fuel my adrenaline fix (yes i’m an adrenaline junkie so anything that can potentially kill me, interests me !) Now here’s the contrast … A little over 3 years ago my now wife bought me a Canon 1200d kit which seemed to spark of a different kind of satisfaction in me than what i was used to, so here I am 3 years on … bikeless and the biggest passion for photography.

My passion drives me to create the highest standard of work which has been approved and loved by the biggest of brands already which is awesome! No matter who you are I have a high benchmark on my self to create what I am happy with for my clients which means you receive the standard you see throughout my site.

I really hope you like the work and continue to follow me through my photos and who knows, maybe we I will be shooting for your content soon! If you have any questions about my services please fill in a form below and I will get back to you ASAP.





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